How I Can Help You

My advantage over other technical writers is I am a technologist who is also a writer.
The most significant benefit to you in working with me is I have an experienced-based understanding of the development and technical sales process. Further, I have the ability to research technical subjects independently. This advantage will be obvious once we start working together, evidenced by the money and time you save. Our Projects will go faster, with less interaction, resulting in a higher quality final result. I am not simply a scribe, but rather a collaborator.

My background is BSEE/MBA with many years industry experience as a Design Engineer and Marketing Director. I have a great deal of experience in both conceptualizing and writing data books, patent technical disclosures, applications notes, market and sales collateral, white papers, SDK descriptions, data sheets, web-blurbs and press releases. I am expert at creating collateral material for internal documentation and customer consumption. I’m highly skilled at extracting the essential kernels of information from technical people and distilling complex ideas into clean, concise English for any specified targeted audience. My ability to create content from sparse outlines and fill in the blanks independently is really a time saver for my clients.